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BAIKAL - BURYATIA: tourism and recreation

official website of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of tourism development


The State Flag of Buryatia


rectangular panel with three horizontal colored stripes

Upper stripe – blue, two quarters of flag’s width, symbolizing the Sky

Middle stripe – white, one quarter of flag’s width, symbolizing the Purity

Lower stripe – yellow, one quarter of flag’s width, symbolizing the Eternity

The Traditional buryatsymbol- yellow Soyombo – is located  In the left upper corner of the flag one quarter of flag’s length. Soyombo representing in order:  the Moon, The Sun and the Hearthwith fire.


NationalCoat of Arms of the Buryat Republic


Threecolor (blue-white-yellow) circle

The upper part: golden Soyombo, symbolizing eternal life (the Sun, the Moon, and the Hearth)

The central part of the circle consists of same-width blue & white stripes, symbolizing Baikal waves, dark and light green mountain peaks, typical for local landscape


The lower part of the circle is rounded by the blue band named “Khadak” – the Buryat symbol of hospitality. Its central part is a shoe of the Coat of Arms, where the official name of Buryatia is written. The band equally twines round the Coat of Arms, its tails are falling down from the Coat of Arms bottom.

The National Coat of Arms was adopted in April, 20th of 1995.


National Anthem of Buryatia

Written by national poet of BruyatiaDamba Z. Zhalsaraev

The Land of steppes, of lakes and Taiga forests

You’re full of hearty sunshine all above

So, flourishing in every single corner

Be happy, oh, my dear land I love

Red-berries smell, Bird-cherry lightly breathing

The tea of Rosemary flowers taste.

I’m drinking your sweet air when I breathe

The incense of my Holy Motherland

Accept, my Land, the thankful words from your son

A sip of Holy water grant to me

So I could get the strength of Baikal power

To pass my long and hard path

My Land and me are used to be together

Your destiny and mine are always same

My best regards to you, beloved place

My heart belongs to You in any day

Oh, Mother Land!


(performed by IosifKobzon)