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BAIKAL - BURYATIA: tourism and recreation

official website of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of tourism development

Investment projects of Republic of Buryatia

In the framework of the Federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 - 2018 years)", approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 02.08.2011 No. 644, 2012 the creation of tourist-recreation cluster "Podlemorye" (Kabanskiy district), autoturists cluster "Baikal" (Ivolginsky district), "Kyakhta" (Kyakhtinsky district), "Tunkinskaya valley" (Tunkinsky district).

The total volume of budget funds under the Federal program, is 2070,6 million. For the funds under construction (reconstruction) of objects of engineering and transport infrastructure necessary to ensure the needs of tourist objects.

Funding from extrabudgetary sources is 4881,8 million. Extrabudgetary sources under construction (reconstruction) of objects of tourist infrastructure, including resorts, guest houses, hotels, public catering and roadside, petrol and shopping malls etc.

For the period 2012-2016 development of clusters invested 1.7 billion rubles of budget funds. The funds implemented the construction of 12 projects providing infrastructure for the needs of tourist facilities in 2017, the reconstruction is still 1 object. Funding from extrabudgetary resources in the 2012-2016 period amounted to 3.3 billion rubles.

 TRC "Podlemorye" (Kabanskiy district)

Tourism and recreation cluster "Podlemorye" is located on the coast of lake Baikal within the borders of the municipal formation rural settlement "Sukhinskaya" (p. Dry, C. Anheluk, village Zarechye). TRC "Podlemorye" includes land plots with a total area of 139,52 ha intended for construction of objects of tourism and supporting infrastructure.

ATK "Kyakhta" (Kyakhtinsky district)

Autoturisme cluster "Kyakhta" ("Kyakhta") is located on the area of 36.6 ha in 230 km South from Ulan-Ude to Federal automobile road A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" in the vicinity of the state border with Mongolia and the international automobile checkpoint "Kyakhta".

ATK "Baikal" (Ivolginsky district)

Autoturisme cluster "Baikal" ("Baikal") is located 3 km to the South from Ulan-Ude on the interchange of two Federal highways A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" and M-55 "Irkutsk - Chita".

"ATK Tunkinskaya valley" (Tunkinsky district)

Autoturisme cluster "Tunkinskaya valley" is located on the area of 367.8 hectares 100 km to the West from oz. Baikal Federal highway A-164 "Kultuk - Mondy", 100 km from the border with Mongolia .