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ATK "Baikal"

Autoturisme cluster "Baikal" ("Baikal") is located 3 km to the South from Ulan-Ude on the interchange of two Federal highways A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" and M-55 "Irkutsk - Chita".

Large investment project of "Baikal" provides extra-budgetary sources, reconstruction and capital construction of objects of tourist infrastructure: hotels, Yurt complexes, guest houses, cafes and restaurants, entertainment facilities, and trade, sports facilities, supermarket, winter garden and water Park, in addition will be accessed from the station car maintenance, Parking, gas station and a warehouse facility for temporary storage.

Tel: 83014041251



The objects of providing infrastructure autoturisme cluster "Baikal" (2012-2017)

 1. The construction of the water ", Taper – ATK Baikal", stage 1 "Reconstruction of water conduit", Taper" (2012-2014)

2. The construction of the water ", Taper - ATK "Baikal", stage 2 "water pipeline ", Taper - ATK "Baikal"

3. Construction of power supply facilities of ATK "Baikal"

4. Construction of external Sewerage network ATK "Baikal"