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ATK "Kyakhta"

Autoturisme cluster "Kyakhta" ("Kyakhta") is located on the area of 36.6 ha in 230 km to the South from Ulan-Ude to Federal automobile road A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" in the vicinity of the state border with Mongolia and the international automobile checkpoint "Kyakhta".

Territory ATK "Kyakhta" integrated into the overall system of tourist routes, allowing you to see the variety of monuments of nature and culture, the way of life of local residents. All active tours are thematically linked to cultural-cognitive tours.
Investment project of creation ATK "Kyakhta" provides extra-budgetary sources, reconstruction and capital construction of objects of tourist infrastructure, hotel complex, public catering facilities, roadside complex, fuel filling station, service station trucks and cars with a car wash, Parking lots, warehouses of temporary storage, customs control area, offices, a logistics center and a shopping and entertainment complex.

Contact phone: 83014291656


The objects of providing infrastructure established (implemented) in the framework autoturisme cluster "Kyakhta" (2012-2017)

1. Water intake and water supply network ATK "Kyakhta" (2012-2013)

2. Boiler and thermal networks "Kyakhta" (2013 -2014)