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BAIKAL - BURYATIA: tourism and recreation

official website of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of tourism development

TRC "Podlemorye"

Tourism and recreation cluster "Podlemorye" is located on the coast of lake Baikal within the borders of the municipal formation rural settlement "Sukhinskaya" (p. Dry, C. Anheluk, village Zarechye).

TRC "Podlemorye" includes land plots with a total area of 139,52 ha intended for construction of objects of tourism and supporting infrastructure.

The main objective of development of TRC "Podlemorye" is to create conditions for accelerated development of the tourist infrastructure, providing intensive increase of domestic and inbound tourist flows.

Implementation period: 2012-2018.

Funding under the Program is 3292,7 million rubles, including: Federal budget – 765,8 million rubles, regional budget - 222,0 million rubles, extra-budgetary sources – 2304,9 million.

The creation of a complex tourist infrastructure TRC "Podlemorye", provides for the construction (reconstruction) extrabudgetary sources to the following objects of tourist infrastructure: hotels, Yurt complexes, guest houses, cafes and restaurants, entertainment facilities, and trade, sports and fitness complex providing a wide range of additional services.

Contact person: Myznikov Olga p. - specialist in tourism of Kabansky district

tel.: 83013840497

e - mail : bereg 77@ mail . EN


The objects of providing infrastructure created (implemented) within the tourist-recreation cluster "Podlemorye" (2012-2017)

1. Transmission line VL-35 kV "Oymur-Dry" (2012-2013)

2. Access road to Noviy enkheluk, a length of 2.9 km (2013-2014)

3. Transfer station C. in Dry (2014-2015)

4. VL 10/0,4 kV transformer substations TRC "Podlemorye" (2015)

5. The reconstruction of the road, Chargino-Aimur-District, km 53 km 68 in kazanskom district of the Republic of Buryatia, with a length of 13.4 km (2015-2017)