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BAIKAL - BURYATIA: tourism and recreation

official website of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of tourism development


20-21 June 1891, during a trip to Eastern Siberia Ulan-Ude (then Verkhneudinsk city) was visited by the crown Prince, Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich. In honor of this event in the city, as in other towns, where it is stopped by the distinguished guest, was erected a triumphal arch of the Royal gate, which was then called the Royal doors. The arch was decorated with double-headed eagles, which were dropped in February 1917. The arch stood until 1936, but then too was demolished. To June 12, 2006, the day of the city, on Lenin street built a copy of the arc de Triomphe. Now it adorns the streets of Lenin. However, the size of the new arch more than the previous width of about 14 meters and a height of about 9 meters. In addition, the old arch, designed by Nicholas Pauw, was wooden on a stone Foundation. But otherwise it is an exact copy of an old building. The inscription on it reads: 20-21 June 1891 date of arrival in Verkhneudinsk crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich. 27 Jun 2006 on the front side of the triumphal gate was installed the state coat of arms Russia double-headed eagle. On this day the Royal gate of the city finalise. Tourist information centre of Visit Buryatia / www.visitburyatia.ru