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Covid Минкомсвязь

Restaurant Voyage

Restaurant Voyage

Voyage restaurant perform a gastronomic tour of the countries of the world without leaving Ulan-Ude. New restaurant, capable to interest even the discerning palate. The menu features the best international cuisine, characterized by authenticity of ingredients and flavors. This is an establishment that will never get tired of the ever-changing menu and bold experiments that are not available in any other restaurant. Guests from other regions will be pleasantly surprised by the national Buryat cuisine. Identity of the people of these places has a rich cultural culinary heritage, are not peculiar to any other nation in the world. All dishes are adapted to the latest trends, using only modern restaurant supply. The design of the restaurant looks very unusual, it has no analogues in Russia. Inside, there are huge panoramic windows overlooking beautiful views of the park, developed around the hotel.