Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии


1 d.
Warm season

There are the strongest mineral hot springs at the north of Baikal — Khakusy, where the shore is overgrown with cedar trees, pine trees and Siberian larch trees. This place is fabulous with unique energy. The combination of Siberian taiga forest together with white sand and hot mineral waters provides special power to this place. The main indications to take the hot bath for treatment are arthropathy, locomotor system disease, chronic gynecological illness and skin diseases (dermatopathy, eczema, psoriasis). In the summer season, you can watch seals, chipmunks, pick mushrooms, berries, nuts, and in winter you can admire the snow-laced trees above the ice-free river. Moreover here you can find the famous singing sands of Turali, the perfect beauty of Ayaya Bay and the mountain lake of Frolikha.