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Cape Kotelnikovsky

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Cape Kotelnikovsky is a cape on the northwest coast of Lake Baikal, 80 kilometers south of the city of Severobaikalsk. The main attraction of Cape Kotelnikovsky is the hot springs. Water temperature reaches 81 ° C. This is the hottest spring on Lake Baikal. Two outdoor pools, the third under the roof. The activity of water output is 10 liters per second. There is a recreation center on the cape. Guests are glad all year round and take a bath can be an unlimited amount of time. It is worth noting the stunning surrounding mountain landscape and panorama of the lake, you will be able to watch, sitting on a deck chair. Not far from Kotel'nikovskii passes taiga interesting hiking route along the mountain river Kurkul. A few dozen kilometers away is the beautiful mountain Guitar lake, at the foot of Mountain Cherskiy.