Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

Chivirkuyskiy Bay

310 km.
5 h.
1 d.
Warm season

If there is some championship among recreation places on Lake Baikal, then there would be too many participants. However, one of the favorites, undoubtedly, would be Chivyrkuisky Bay. It is a place with a special protection regime, located on the territory of Barguzin Nature Reserve where Baikal's waters are warm and shallow. It is a truly wild and magical place. You will find yourself in the surroundings of dense taiga forest and crystal—clear vast waters of Sacred Lake. No properties are built there, only quiet rest, fishing for spinning, picking mushrooms and berries. Chivirkuyskiy Bay waters are abundant with fish. There are different kinds of fish: Perch, Pike, Grayling, Omul and Siberian Roach.