Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

Odigitrievsky Cathedral

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Not only is it made in the name of Mother of God Hodegetria (patroness of travelers and merchants), but it was also the first stone building in Verkhneudinsk and a very long one to finish – the temple was being built for over 40 years (from 1741 to 1785). Merchants from Verkhneudinsk and Kyakhta donated their money for the building to be made. The style in which it was built is often called the «Siberian barocco». Hard to imagine how the masters could carve such «lace». The Museum of History of Buryatia’s fund was located here from 1934 to 1999, as well as an anti-religious museum. From 1992 the Orthodox parish started functioning again: church services are held every day, a library and Sunday School operate here, «Orthodox Buryatia» newspaper is being published. By the way, if you go left from the cathedral you can see a monument dedicated to the victims of political repressions, which is grim in its appearance, but that shouldn’t be surprising. A building is located right behind it, in which VChK, NKVD and OGPU worked from 1920. The sculptor’s name is Vyacheslav Bukhaev, a Buryat sculptor whose works decorate not only the streets of Ulan-Ude, but also Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, London and money other cities.