Buddhist Center «Rinpoche Bagsha»

Warm season
Cold season

The best observation deck in Ulan-Ude is located on the territory of Buddhist Center “Rinpoche Bagsha”. It was built in 2000 and, despite its relatively young age, it’s already a favorite amongst locals and tourists. A 6-meter tall statue of Buddha that came from China occupies the central point of the temple. Pilgrims and tourists are also attracted by large wooden beads that were gifted by a Japanese monk. Their weight is 350 kilograms. A giant Buddhist bell of Four seals that weighs 700 kilograms is located in the vicinity of the center. Anyone can do a ritual walk around the bell, touch or slightly hit it, sending their wishes to the skies above. The Path of long life – which is about 1 kilometer long – surrounds the Buddhist temple, and there are several gazebos with symbols of the Chinese calendar situated along the path. Buryat and Tibetan Lamas hold service and listen to visitors every day.