Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

Women’s Monastery of Sretensk

80 km.
1 h. 20 min.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season

Made out of white stone, as big as a ship with a bell tower and emerald domes, Women's Monastery of Sretensk can be easily seen from the nearby road. This temple was notable against the background of the evergreen Siberian taiga even when it was uninhabited. Historically a Candlemas Temple existed in Baturino since 1836, but it was closed after the revolution, however the building itself stayed intact, albeit quite heavily destroyed. A local philanthropist started the renovating process in the end of 1990s. He also helped construct outdoor buildings. Since 2000 this is the only women’s monastery in Buryatia. A few revered shrines are located inside.