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Buuz Monument

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The most popular Buryat meal is buuz. Two big buuz monuments were installed in 2017 on the platform of Rinpoche Bagsha complex. Each sculpture weighs over a ton and is made out of monolithic white marble. This meat delicacy sits on lotus flowers. Each buuz has 33 “pinches”, as many as there are folds on Buddhist lama’s clothes. Buuz symbolizes wealth, prosperity and well-being. For those curious we can say this: an average buuz that weighs 70 grams contains 200 kilocalories and about 22 grams of fat. So a standard serving of 3 buuz contains 600 kilocalories and 66 grams of fat which is a daily dose. So overeating buuz is bad for your shape, but good for your mood! When in Ulan-Ude, don’t forget that buuz are eaten without utensils, the hot liquid inside is drunk slowly, and you have to say “bayarlaa”, or “thanks”, after it.