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Monument to Verkhneudinsk merchant Evsey Lukich

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A fortunate geographical position of Verkhneudinsk (former name of Ulan-Ude) on the intersection of two rivers quickly made it into a big trading center. Since 1768 seasonal fairs took place in this town and local trading prospered. Besides entrepreneurship rich merchants also did charity and philanthropy. To commemorate this era, a monument to a daring local merchant was installed on the central pedestrian street in 2014. The placing of the monument is notable: this building was first used by the “Pti-hotel”, then the first state labor office of Buryatia was operating here, and now a Sberbank office is situated here. The bank’s employees quickly came up with a legend: if you drop a coin in Evsey Lukich’s chest, he will summon luck. And it works, we’ve tried!