Covid Минкомсвязь

Sleeping Lion

56 km.
1 h.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season

It is easy to guess that the name of the mountain connected with its "animal" shape. On the top of the forested peak, one finds the remains of rocks with special holes for signal fires (from the Merkite tribes, the natives of Buryatia). This is also a shamanistic place of power, to this day rituals of reverence for spirits are performed here. When you climb the mountain, do not forget to mentally ask the local spirits for permission to visit this place and thank for the hospitality. The mountain is also called Omulyevka: its lofty rock stoops straight into the waters of the Selenga. Fisherman knew pretty well where they could fish there; omul always comes here for spawning. And there were so many fish in the 18th century that it could be scooped up with a shirt or bag! A most beautiful view opens before one’s eyes from the top of Omulyevka. Don’t forget your camera!