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Ushkany Islands

Try to guess, what is it - Big, Thin, Round, Long? These are the names of islands of a famous archipelago — Ushkany Islands. This place is so beloved by the Baikal endemic - the biggest mammal of Lake Baikal, Baikal seal. According to scientists, the number of Baikal seals is approximately two thousand individuals and has not changed since the beginning of the 30s of the last centuries. One of the most unique phenomenon here is ant-hills. The population density of ant-hills on Big Island about 18—20 ant-hills on a territory of 1 hectare. Nothing to be compared with these numbers. Don’t worry, it is not dangerous. You have a risk only to buy a lot of souvenirs with the symbols of a charming seal. You can watch a mammal and not scare it while staying very close!