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House Museum of Agvan Dorzhiev

Zaigraevsky district
55 km.
1 h.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season
House Museum of Agvan Dorzhiev

Agvan Dorzhiev was a notable Buddhist scientist, diplomat, enlightener, political and religious activist from Buryatia. One of his initiatives was to build the first Buddhist temple in Europe, Saint-Petersburg to be more precise, and it still exists to this day. The old log house where he once lived was relocated to the Atsagat Valley in Zaigraevsky district and turned into a republican museum. A huge collection of genuine antique artifacts and photographs, about 1430 of them, is stored here. The main feature of this museum is a collection of wax sculptures of the 14th Dalai Lama, the 13th Dalai Lama, Agvan Dorzhiev himself and Choizon Ireltuyev, who was another Buddhist scientist. Mineral spring Khara-Atsagat is located 5 kilometers away from here.