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The Museum of History of Ulan-Ude

Ulan-Ude, Lenina str., 26
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The Museum of History of Ulan-Ude

This museum is located in a historic part of town inside the house of Verkhneudinsk’s wealthiest merchant and an honorary citizen Ivan Flegontovich Goldobin. A collection of exhibits, an educational platform, a place to gather and have a chit-chat and an art studio are all located here. The only open-air movie theater of the town also functions here for many years, and many film enthusiasts come here to watch movies.

The museum’s funds and collections are home to household items from the 19th century, antique tableware, furniture, clothes, cossacks’ and Red Army’s equipment, all in all over 2500 items. The first hall exhibits an exposition called “The Town’s True Stories” which is comprised of paintings made by Sergei Emelyanov (the style they were made in is pointillism, the paintings depict the main eras of Verkhneudinsk’s development, from its foundation to the Soviet era). Among the exhibits is a Hupfer piano dated back to 19th century, made in Germany. A collection of antique samovars, one of which belonged to Goldobin’s cook, is also an exhibit. One of the museum’s halls is decorated with an antique wardrobe made in Germany in the end of 19th century. You can get to the second floor by climbing a spiral staircase that was made specially for Goldobin’s manor. Tsesarevich Nikolay climbed this staircase while visiting Goldobin during his stay in Verkhneudinsk in 1891.