Old Believers’ Museum in Tarbagatay

Tarbagatai district
52 km.
1 h.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season

Tarbagatay Village is notable for one thing: Old Believers, or as we call them, Semeyskie, live here. A monk by the name of Sergiy (Paliy) created this museum of Old Believers’ culture. The most ancient exhibits are the remains of mammoths and rhinos, and even the Republican Museum of Nature can be jealous of their number. The museum also stores many books, crosses, crucifixes. You can even touch the exhibits: the 20th century watermills and leather makers, fanners, chests etc. One of the most fascinating exhibits are the scales made in 1848. You put a small scarf on one scale and they start moving! Very precise! Some exhibits are so old and rare that you won’t be able to see such items in Western Russian museums.