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Obruchev’s Museum of Local History of Kyakhta

230 km.
3 h. 30 min.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season
Obruchev’s Museum of Local History of Kyakhta

This museum is the oldest in Transbaikalia, and specialists say it’s also the “younger brother” of Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg. The museum was opened in 1890. It was built by the local and political exiles. The halls and funds preserve a rare collection of items that uncover the mysteries of Central Asia’s culture. There’s also a large library here. Several active halls are dedicated to the stories of geographical expeditions, Transbaikalia’s and Mongolia’s nature, the history of “Tea Road”. The museum stores relics of Orthodoxy and Buddhism: photographs of temples and datsans, icons and clothes. Art works of Buryat, Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese masters are also kept here: porcelain vases and clay toys, lacquer boxes, carved chess pieces and other items. The museum’s excursions are very interesting.