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Tunka’s observatories

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Want to go on an astronomical journey? Then this is the place! A radiophysical observatory is located in Badara. Few people know what happens there and why was it built. A gigantic Quasar telescope, which scans the Universe with precision, is located here. It is comprised of many small telescopes, and the hardest thing to do is to make them all synchronized. The telescope weighs 700 tons and costs about 40 million dollars. This telescope in turn operates with two similar telescopes in Saint-Petersburg and Karachay-Cherkessia. Together they form a gigantic triangle that is capable of registering radioactive emissions of various space objects. The radiotelescopes are equipped with precisely synchronized hydrogen time service. They can only have a fault of half a second in 100 years. You can see the Universe’s core, quasar’s center, look into the Universe’s past and even inside Earth itself with this telescope. And that’s not all. Come and find out!