Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

Hitching posts (called “Serge” in Buryat)

You will see these hitching posts in every area of residence of Buryat and Mongolian nomad tribes. Besides its practical use there’s also a sacred bit to it: if there’s a serge, it has an owner. Hitching posts were also used to mark stops and borders. For example, 4 serge mark the Barguzin valley, and 71 more serge mark the last walk of the great Buryat Lama of the 19th century, Sodoi Lama (Tsyden Soodoev). Buryat people had a habit of setting up a serge before a son’s wedding, and it didn’t matter if they were able to build a yurta for the newlywed, so serge was the primary source. And one more thing. Serge can’t be removed or relocated; it must decay by itself.