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Triumphal Arc «Czar’s Gates»

Warm season
Cold season

Today’s rendition of the arc is very similar to the original, installed to commemorate the visit of Tsesarevich Nikolay Romanov in 1891. His father, Alexander III, sent him to the East for business. Nikolay travelled by sea, reached Japan (where he was wounded, not seriously though). He decided to return to Saint-Petersburg by land for safety reasons.

The whole town of Verkhneudinsk was preparing for the visit of the future Emperor. He came here on the 20th of June from Atsagat datsan, where a celebratory hural was named after him. A wooden arc was installed for the local merchants’ money. Nikolay was met “with bread and salt”, and part of the road from the arc to Odigitriyevsky Cathedral is said to have been covered by carpet. A celebratory service was held in the Cathedral. Nikolay stayed at Ivan Goldobin’s (one of the wealthiest merchants at the time) house for the night. Today the Museum of History of Ulan-Ude is located there. The historical wooden arc was destroyed by Bolsheviks, but it was restored in 2006. This arc decorates our town ever since.