Arshan resort

470 km.
6 h. 30 min.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season

On the foothills of Eastern Sayan mountains, about 900 meters above the ground, on the shore of mountain river Kyngyrga the balneological climatic resort Arshan is located. Mineral waters and pure air is what made this resort of the most popular places for healing and relaxation in Buryatia. The unique healing properties of mineral springs were scientifically proven back in 1894. They’re especially good for healing the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, metabolism diseases, liver biliary tract and nervous system diseases. The amazing beauty of nature encases the resort’s territory: monumental mountains, waterfalls, alpine meadows, the marble bottom of Kyngyrga, Crystal Lake, taiga’s thickets on ridges’ slopes. Today the Arshan resort consists of two sanatoriums: «Sayany» and «Arshan». Many small hotels and guest houses are located nearby. The holiday season lasts all year.