Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

The Center of Oriental Medicine

Warm season
Cold season

A small piece of Oriental medicine in a modern city. The places are booked 6 months ahead. The main reason for that is because some of the best specialists in Tibetan medicine in Russia work here. You first get diagnosed by your pulse, your auricle, your iris, then you get acupuncture diagnosis according to Voll and Su Jok methods which are combined with common methods of modern medicinal diagnosis. The healing procedures are then chosen individually: moxibustion, warming the body, bloodletting, biocorrection, manual therapy, healing gymnastics, classic massage, acupressure, body cleansing and weight correction.

You will be offered herbal remedies, made according to Tibetan scriptures. All the procedures here are performed strictly according to the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine. One of the two remaining copies of it is stored and exhibited in Ulan-Ude’s Museum of History of Buryatia, by the way.