Дни культуры и искусства Бурятии

Nilova Desert resort

510 km.
7 h.
1 d.
Warm season
Cold season

Mineral springs of Nilova Desert have been open since 1830. The resort is named after an Irkutsk and Nerchinsk archbishop Nil Isakovich Stolbenskiy. He had a large collection of mineral in Sayan mountains which is nowadays kept in the Saint-Petersburg university. The spring waters are similar in properties to Georgian Tsqaltubo springs and Altai Belokurikha springs. Pensions and hydropathic function here. A path from the resort leads to the sacred Burkhan-Baabay, then to the Shumak valley and Khoytogol village. The resort itself is located 7 kilometers away from the Kultuk-Mondy road, another road leads from the resort to Turan village. It’s also located 42 kilometers away from Kyren village, 170 kilometers away from the town of Slyudyanka, 265 kilometers away from Irkutsk and 510 kilometers away from Ulan-Ude.

How to get there:

Train from Ulan-Ude to Slyudyanka, then a bus to Nilovka village (170 km)
Trip duration: 7 hours by car; 8 hours by train, 2,5 hours by bus