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230 km.
3 h. 30 min.
2 d.
Warm season
Cold season

This town is situated on the Russian-Mongolian border, and during the 18th century it was the tea trade center of Russia. Any tea in Russia and Western Europe at the time came through here. And the tea was valuable: not only was it from China, which is known for the quality of its tea, but it was also transported by land, which means it didn't deteriorate. Cattle, leather and furs also came from China to Russia. A reverse route took silk and cotton, lollipops, porcelain, gems, gold, silver and pearls from Russia to China. A school for interpreters functioned here. Unique people lived in Kyakhta: only first-guild merchants, educated and notable people of that time. The first Buryat cinema was created in Kyakhta thanks to the local merchants Nemchinovs. Kyakhta’s merchants loved their hometown very much and spent a lot of money on its development. Those merchants where building a town that was unsurpassed in Siberia. Not a lot remains from the past glory today: just a few temples, historical and architectural monuments. But it is heaven for photographers.